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Voluntary plans from Delta Dental

Delta Dental voluntary plans allow your clients to offer their employees the option to enjoy a comprehensive dental plan with little to no cost to their business.

These plans are easy to administer and are a great way to supplement a competitive benefits package to improve employee recruitment and retention.


Provider network

Voluntary dental plans use our Premier Network, which offers access to more than 154,000 dentists nationwide.


Enrollment and administration

Our voluntary dental plans are easy to administer. Groups simply collect subscriber payments through their regular payroll deductions and submit payment and eligibility information to us. We do everything else.


Plan requirements

  • Delta Dental reserves the right to review these rates if the census of eligible individuals varies by more than 10% from the census provided with the quote request.
  • Groups must meet minimum enrollment:
    • Delta Dental groups with 2-50 employees require a minimum of 25% participation; at least 2 employees must enroll
  • The employer must set up payroll deductions and submit premiums on behalf of their employees
  • Delta Dental voluntary dental plans cannot coexist with another dental plan offered by another carrier
  • Employees participating in Delta Dental voluntary dental plans are required to contribute to their plan’s monthly premium. Employee contributions may be up to 100% of the premium.

We understand that every group is different. We’ll help you assess your groups’ needs and offer customized plan designs to get them the coverage they need.

If your clients are looking for a low to no-cost option to build a competitive benefits package that will improve their employee recruitment and retention, adding a voluntary dental option to their existing plan might be the right fit.

To learn more about on our voluntary dental plans, contact our Sales & Services Team at 877-277-7073


Contact us

If you have any questions or need additional help, please call our sales team at 877-277-7073 or contact your account services team member.