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Welcome to Delta Dental of Oregon

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Welcome to Delta Dental of Oregon

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Plans for 51+ Oregon

Find the right plans for your clients. We offer various options for groups of 51 or more employees. You can also choose the type of funding that works best for your group: fully insured or Administrative Services Only (ASO).

Delta Dental Premier plans

Premier plans offer members access to the Delta Dental Premier Network, one of the largest dental networks nationally and the largest in Oregon. Almost 90% of dentists participate in the network. Members with this plan have the freedom to choose their own dentist. When they see Delta Dental Premier Network providers, there is no balance billing.

Delta Dental PPO℠ plans

These plans help you save costs by connecting members with providers in the Delta Dental PPO Network, one of the largest preferred provider organization (PPO) dental networks in Oregon. Almost 50% of Oregon dentists are PPO providers. Dentists agree to accept the Delta Dental PPO Network fee, which is typically lower than other networks.

Members with PPO plans have more choice and control over their out-of-pocket costs. When they use Delta Dental PPO dentists, they receive their plan's best benefit level and enjoy the most savings. If they wish, members can also use out-of-network providers at a reduced benefit level. As long as they see participating dentists, there is no balance billing.

Delta Dental EPO plans

With EPO plans, members get a higher level of benefits than with the PPO plans, but they must see Delta Dental PPO contracted providers. This exclusive provider option does not pay for services provided from a Premier or noncontracted dentist. Care from providers outside this network is not covered, except for emergency services.

Preventive First plans

These plans help members prevent serious and expensive dental services down the road. Preventive services do not apply to the annual maximum. By saving on preventive care, members can use their annual maximum for other services.

Delta Dental Direct Option with Willamette Dental Group

In partnership with Willamette Dental Group, we offer Direct Option plans. These plans include a network of Willamette Dental Group providers to pair alongside our nonvoluntary Delta Dental Plans for all groups size five to 99. We manage the enrollment, billing, claims and customer service for both plans, making administration easy for everyone.

Delta Dental pediatric plan

Our Delta Dental Premier Shining Smiles plan offers child-only benefits to members under age 19. It also meets the federal pediatric essential health benefits (EHB) requirement.

Groups can purchase this plan even if no one enrolls right away.

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Voluntary plans

With these Delta Dental and Direct Option voluntary plans, members get the same great value and variety as with nonvoluntary plans, as well as flexible group contribution and participation.

Benefits include:

  • 51% to 100% funded by employees
  • Participation as low as 25% with a minimum of 10 employees enrolled

Dental + medical

Through our partnership with Moda Health, we also offer dental plans together with medical coverage — for groups of all sizes. 

Valuable additions

Your clients can customize each plan with additional features.

Learn more

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How to get a quote for plans or 51 or more 

To receive a proposal for a group of 51 or more, please provide the following:

  • All information listed in the proposal request form (PDF) in typed format
  • A completed census form (PDF) for all employees
  • For groups of 51–99 employees, we require current and renewal rates, or a minimum of 12 months’ experience, when available
  • For groups of 100 or more employees, we require current and renewal rates, as well as a minimum of 12 months’ (preferably 24 months’) experience. Experience includes premium received, claims paid and member counts.
  • Benefit summaries (if any) from the current carrier

Please ensure that your documents are legible. Keep in mind that requests for proposals lacking required information will cause delays in processing. You may submit your request by mail or fax it to the Delta Dental Sales & Account Service team at:

Delta Dental Insurance Company
601 West 5th Ave., Suite 305
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
907-278-2626 phone
907-278-2900 fax

Quote turnaround time:

  • 51-199 employees, please allow 10 working days
  • 200+ employees, please allow 15 working days


Employer tools

Every plan includes access to our Employer Dashboard. Your clients can use the dashboard to manage their employees' benefits, pay invoices, access plan materials and much more.

Member tools

Members can use their Member Dashboard to view their claims and benefits, and to access many resources created to help them manage their health.

Contact us

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please call our sales team at 877-277-7073 or contact your account services team member.