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Welcome dental providers

Thank you for partnering with Delta Dental of Oregon and Alaska. We appreciate your partnership because you share our commitment to our members’ oral health. And, our relationship with Moda Health allows us to also care for their overall wellbeing.

Benefits and eligibility

Verify benefits and eligibility, quickly!

Quickly verify your patients' Delta Dental insurance with Benefit Tracker. It's a free, HIPAA-compliant tool you can use to check up on eligibility, benefits and claims status. Learn about Benefit Tracker

Improve your bottom line and your patients’ health

Our Health through Oral Wellness® program offers extra benefits to patients who have a higher risk for oral diseases.

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Resources overview

Billings and claims

Submit claims electronically, learn about predeterminations and access our electronic remittance explanation codes.


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Check out current and past Dental Office Update newsletters. Get the latest on plans, billing best practices, industry regulations and more.

Contact us

Dental Customer Service: 888-217-2365
Dental Professional Relations: 888-873-1393

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