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About us

Graphic of a tooth and a laurel

We’re better together —
Delta Dental and Moda Health

Our organization, Oregon Dental Service®(ODS®), was formed in 1955 by a group of dentists who recognized that many families in their communities did not have access to dental care. Today, Oregon Dental Service continues its original mission, offering dental insurance products and services under the name, “Delta Dental of Oregon and Alaska.” Our ability to improve the health of our communities is strengthened by our partnership with Moda Health Plan— a provider of robust medical plans.

When members choose Delta Dental, they get:

  • High-quality, affordable dental plans with the option of getting medical through Moda Health
  • Access to one of the nation's largest dental networks and most trusted dental carrier, the Delta Dental Plans Association

What this means for you

As a member of the Delta Dental Plans Association (DDPA), we enjoy the benefits of a nationally recognized organization — with service and community benefits rooted right here in the Pacific Northwest.

For you, that means when you join our panel, you become part of a national network that serves 68 million-plus people. All Delta Dental plans will honor your filed or PPO service fees.

How we work

Each Delta Dental member company sells to groups that are headquartered in their state. They process the claims for those members regardless of the state in which the care is delivered.

If you have a question about claims or benefits for a member serviced by a different state, contact the appropriate office via Delta Dental’s National Directory.

Dental + medical

Delta Dental plans can be used together with Moda Health medical plans, allowing us to cover our members’ total wellbeing.

Contact us

Dental Customer Service: 888-217-2365
Dental Professional Relations: 888-873-1393

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