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Provider directory data accuracy

Accurate provider directory information allows members to find you, helps members receive timely access to care, and helps to ensure accurate and timely payment for your services.

Provider directory accuracy validation requirements

All participating providers are required to comply with our policies and procedures related to furnishing information necessary to ensure provider directories are up to date. In accordance with The Consolidated Appropriations Act (CAA), 2021, Delta Dental of Alaska and Oregon requires participating providers to update provider directory information at least every 90 days.

Effective July 1, 2024, Delta Dental of Alaska and Oregon uses Quest Analytics’ BetterDoctor tool to verify your provider directory information. BetterDoctor will reach out to you quarterly to confirm or update your information. You must complete a quarterly review to remain listed in our provider directory.

You will be contacted by BetterDoctor every 90 days by fax, mail, email and/or telephone to verify your provider directory information. Please respond and attest or provide changes when you receive outreach. Providers are required to validate the accuracy of their information every 90 days, even if there are no changes to the information.

Provider directory accuracy validation process

BetterDoctor will contact you quarterly by email, fax, telephone and/or US mail. Their outreach will indicate Delta Dental of Alaska and Oregon as a participating health plan.

  • You’ll be asked to visit and enter the access code given to you by BetterDoctor. (It is an eight-character alphanumeric code and is not case sensitive.)
  • Verify and update your information using the online tool via the BetterDoctor portal.
  • BetterDoctor verifies information for each practicing location and providers, so you may receive more than one verification request. Access codes provided on communications are specific to the providers and locations listed.
  • If your group includes 20 or more practitioners, you can register to participate in the BetterDoctor roster process designed for large groups and health systems.

Updates captured by BetterDoctor will be provided to Delta Dental of Alaska and Oregon for processing.

If you need help, please contact for assistance.

Provider Directory listing removal and reinstatement

Delta Dental of Alaska and Oregon is required by Federal regulation to verify provider information every 90 days and keep our online directory accurate and up to date.

If it has been more than 180 days since your last attestation, your information will be removed/suppressed from our provider directory. Our members will not see your directory listing when using our provider directory tool.

If your listing has been removed, due to failure to complete the attestation process, please contact to verify your information and restore your listing. Once your data has been validated, your listing will be restored in our provider directory.

Last updated 4 Jun 2024 


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