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Coronavirus updates and guidance for dental providers in Oregon

Jan. 14, 2022

Delta Dental of Oregon understands the disruption and uncertainty our providers are facing due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and would like to share resources to keep you informed.

Teledentistry and processing

DDOR will benefit limited oral evaluations completed via tele-dentistry.

Please submit the claim using CDT code D0140 Limited Oral Evaluation - problem focused, to describe the treatment rendered. Reimbursement will be based on your contracted fees.

If you are conducting the exam via tele-dentistry, we ask that you include the corresponding location code based on whether the encounter took place in real-time:

  • D9995 teledentistry – synchronous; real-time encounter
  • D9996 teledentistry – asynchronous; information stored and forwarded to dentist for subsequent review

Please note that the above teledentistry codes (D9995 and D9996) are still considered inclusive of the exam.

Frequency Limitations: Limited exams will not impact coverage for a recall or comprehensive exam later in the year.

Please be mindful of maintaining appropriate chart notes for these encounters in accordance with current Oregon Board of Dentistry dental record keeping requirement in the Dental Practice Act.


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