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Networks Oregon

Your employees can connect with great care just about anywhere

Each Delta Dental plan comes with a Delta Dental network. It includes thousands of dentists across the state and the country.

Delta Dental PPO℠ Network

Our PPO Network offers members the most savings for the lowest cost. Plus, they still get to choose from a large selection of dentists. This is one of the largest preferred provider organization (PPO) dental networks across the country.

Delta Dental Premier® Network

Our Premier Network offers members the most choice, as it includes our biggest selection of dentists. It’s one of the largest dental networks nationally, and the largest in Oregon.

Each plan is based on a network

Each plan connects your employees with a network. Your employees can find out which network is available with their plan by logging in to their Member Dashboard or by looking on their ID cards.

Plan Network
Delta Dental PPO℠ Delta Dental PPO Network
Delta Dental Premier® Delta Dental Premier Network
Delta Dental EPO Delta Dental PPO Network

Find a dentist

Finding an in-network dentist is easy with our provider search tool. Search for providers:

Search by network:

Emergency dental care while traveling

No matter where in the world your employees travel, they can get emergency dental care through Passport Dental.


We’re here to help. Contact our Sales & Account service team.

You may also find your Membership Accounting contact via access your Employer Dashboard