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Employer tools

Use your Employer Dashboard to easily manage your employees' health coverage. You can enroll employees and dependents, view eligibility and claims, and more.

Member tools

Your employees have access to many tools and resources to keep them healthy. They can also view their claims and benefits, and easily get their ID cards.

Tooth outline

Help for oral health

Oral health affects overall health. That’s why we offer a collection of material to help with oral wellness.

Forms, brochures and guides

Get the forms, brochures and guides you need quickly. Also, access your Group Admin Guide and other info.

Benefit summaries

See Benefit Summaries for groups of 1-50 employees.

Contact us

We’re here for you. Find out how to contact us.


We’re here to help. Contact our Sales & Account service team.

You may also find your Membership Accounting contact via access your Employer Dashboard